Frequently Asked Questions | Popcorn Express

Frequently Asked Quesetions

1. How early do I need to order?
We do ask for at least 3 days notice. Hover the earlier the better especially during the busy holiday/halloween season. We do fill up quickly some weeks and would hate to not be able to tak you order. ORDER EARLY!

2. Do you accept EBT
NO!!! Use it for essential food!

3. Where can I pick up my order?
All orders need to be picked up on. Monday thru Friday or at Moiliili on Saturdays only.

4. Can I get colored popcorn on the weekend?
Colored popcorn is made * during the week. Our weekend spots offer traditional white kettlecorn. Moiliili will offer limited colored popcorn on a first come first serve basis.

5. How big is your 40 quart bulk size bag?
Imagine a small trash bag worth. A 40 quart bag can fill approximately 40 1-quart ziplock bags. 40qt bags are sold for customer's rebagging. I will NOT rebag the 40qt for you into my 1qt bags for the same price. I sell a 1qt bag for $2.00

6. How long will the popcorn stay "fresh"?
We use high quality polypropylene bags. Our 1qt "mini" is heat sealed and will stay crunchy for 2+ weeks. our 4/7 bags will stay crunchy for 7-10 days until the bag is opened. The 40 qt bag will last 3-5 days.

7. Last minute orders?
Feel free to call for a last minute order as we will try to accommodate as best we can.